IEEE Online Conference on Green Communications
14-17 November 2016 – #IEEEGreenComm


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Monday November 14
GMT 15:00 – 15:15 Opening (Michela Meo)
GMT 15:15 – 16:15 Keynote I Louise Krug, Senior Researcher, BT High performance, high availability green networks – How far have we come, what remains problematical, and what solutions might be available?
GMT 16:15 – 17:15 Session 1: Sustainability I (Session Chair: Michela Meo)
Paper Philip-Dylan Gleonec; Jeremy Ardouin; Matthieu Gautier; Olivier Berder Architecture Exploration of Multi-source Energy Harvester for IoT nodes
Invited Bill Schaeffer, Nokia USA An Assessment of the Impacts of Product Packaging on Overall Reliability and Environmental Performance:  A Life Cycle Assessment Approach
GMT 17:15 – 17:30 Networking Break
GMT 17:30 – 18:30 Session 2: Green Wireless I (Session Chair: Mohammed Bahbahani)
Paper Liang Dong Spectral- and Energy-Efficient Transmission Over Frequency-Orthogonal Channels
Paper Reuben G. Stephen; Rui Zhang Green OFDMA Resource Allocation in Cache-Enabled CRAN
Tuesday November 15
GMT 08:00 – 08:40 Session 3: Sustainability II (Session Chair: Paolo Monti)
Paper Xiaojian Zhu Lifetime Maximization of Connected Differentiated Target Coverage in Energy Harvesting Directional Sensor Networks
Paper Hussein Al Haj Hassan; Kamal Deep Singh; Loutfi Nuaymi Grid Energy Consumption of Mixed-Traffic Cellular Networks with Renewable Energy Sources
GMT 08:40 – 09:40 Session 4: Green Optical I (Session Chair: Paolo Monti)
Paper Gang Wang; Rentao Gu; Jiawei Zhang; Hui Li; Ji Yuefeng Asynchronous Delivery Oriented Efficient Resource Allocation in TWDM-PON Enabled Fronthaul
Invited Cicek Cavdar, Coordinator of the Project 5GrEEn: Towards Green 5G Mobile Networks Green Optical Transport Network Design for 5G Mobile Networks
GMT 09:40 – 09:55 Networking Break
GMT 09:55 – 11:25 Industrial Panel Discussion: ICT Industry Experience and Perspectives on the Energy Efficiency Challenges for Today, 2020 and Beyond
Wednesday November 16
GMT 10:00 – 11:00 Keynote II Thas Nirmalathas, Director – Melbourne Networked Society Institute Sustainable Growth of Network Services – Accounting the energy consumption at a service level and Balancing the Use-Phase and Embodied Energy Consumption
GMT 11:00-12:40 Session 5: Green Optical II (Session Chair: Marco Ruffini)
Invited Dr. Vinod Vokkarane, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UMass Electricity Cost and Emissions Reduction in Optical Networks
Paper Hwa-Chun Lin; Li-Yun Chang; Yuan-Xi Zhuang Light Trail Design for Energy-efficient Traffic Grooming in Light-trail Optical WDM Networks
Invited Dora van Veen, Nokia Bell Labs NJ Energy Efficiency in Future PON
GMT 12:40 – 12:55 Networking Break
GMT 12:55-13:35 Session 6: Smart Cities I (Session Chair: Josip Lorincz)
Paper Paul Nsonga; S. M. Suhail Hussain; Ikbal Ali;
Taha Selim Ustun
Using IEC 61850 and IEEE WAVE Standards in Ad-Hoc Networks for Electric Vehicle Charging Management
Paper Luhao Wang; Yanzhi Wang; Massoud Pedram Online QoS-Aware Charging Scheduling in Battery Swapping Stations under Dynamic Energy Pricing
Thursday November 17
GMT 11:00-12:40 Session 7: Green Wireless II (Session Chair: Chin Keong Ho)
Paper Abdurrahman Alfitouri; Khairi A. Hamdi User Selection Scheme for Amplify-and-Forward Relaying with Zero Forcing
Invited Afif Osseiran, Director of Radio Communications, Ericsson CTO Office The 5G Main Building Blocks
Invited Dr. Pål Frenger, Sr. Specialist Radio Network Energy Efficiency, Ericsson Research, Ericsson AB 5G Energy Performance – Challenges and Solutions
GMT 12:40 – 12:55 Networking Break
GMT 12:55-13:35 Session 8: Smart Cities II (Session Chair: Josip Lorincz)
Paper Armin Ghasem Azar; Rune Hylsberg Jacobsen Agent-based Charging Scheduling of Electric Vehicles
Paper Alexander Belov; Alexandr Vasenev; Vadim Kartak; Nirvana Meratnia; Paul Havinga Peak Load Reduction of Multiple Water Heaters: Respecting Consumer Comfort and Money Savings
GMT 13:35 – 15:15 Panel Discussion: IEEE Young Professionals on the Trends of Green Communication, followed by a Virtual Happy Hour

Please note that conference registration includes full access to the presented papers and their associated recordings, which will become available beginning 14 November 2016 and will remain accessible until 31 December 2016.